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Data Protection Statement

of Bernstein Innovation GmbH (ZWEIKAMPF)

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(1)       General
Bernstein Innovation GmbH is aware of the importance of safeguarding the privacy of every single customer. The following provisions concern personal data and information received by Bernstein Innovation GmbH or its affiliates via their websites from users or customers via phone or in writing. Personal data will only be used within the scope of the consent given and in compliance with the Austrian Data Protection Act [Datenschutzgesetz/DSG] and the Austrian Telecommunications Act [Telekommunikationsgesetz/TKG]. Without the customer's consent no personal data will be passed on.
            Personal data means information which allows identification of a person with no other substantial effort. Personal data includes but is not limited to the name, the date of birth, address, email address and phone number.
(2)       Protection of personal data
            Personal data is transferred by way of SSL encryption via the internet in the course of the ordering process. Credit card data will exclusively be processed by our payment service provider (Card Complete). The connection is secure if the address displayed in the browser says https:// and is equal to the address in the security certificate and if a padlock is shown in front of the URL.
(3)       Use and processing of personal data
            Your data will be processed electronically and dealt with in compliance with the regulations and implementing provisions of the Data Protection Act. Personal data and information provided by the customer exclusively serves the purpose of processing purchase orders, delivering goods and processing payments.
We shall use email advertising only to the extent permitted by law or to the extent that we have been authorised by you.
(4)       Use of data
            The customer may decide at his sole discretion whether data may be used or not and, above all, for what purposes it may be used. Thus, the customer may revoke his consent to use, processing and passing on of the data in writing at any time. Revocation shall be effected by post by means of a short notice to ZWEIKAMPF, Bernstein Innovation GmbH, Gewerbepark 9/3, 3945 Hoheneich or via email to Pursuant to Section 26(6) of the Data Protection Act the first request for information on the current set of data concerning your person per calendar year is free of charge and for any additional information on your current data per calendar year a gross flat rate of EUR 18.89 will be charged, unless Bernstein Innovation GmbH has de facto incurred higher costs in connection with providing the information on data.
(5)       Cookies
            For the customer to be able to fill his shopping cart with purchase orders and to manage it during his internet session Bernstein Innovation GmbH makes use of cookies. A cookie is a small data file which will be transferred to your computer by us while you are surfing on our websites and which can only contain information which we ourselves send to your computer. Cookies are pure information memories and produce no viruses and cannot spy out the customer. Their only purpose is to save your personal activities and interests for us to be able to use them during your next visit. In this way the customer will be able to immediately see the offers that meet his interests when visiting the website.
(6)       Modifications of or amendments to the Data Protection Statement
The operator of the website reserves the right to modify or amend this Data Protection Statement. We recommend our customers that they regularly check the Data Protection Statement for modifications or amendments. By continued use of the website or an established business relationship the customer agrees to these data protection provisions as amended from time to time.